Life & Technology – 2GB 14th Oct, 2023

Here Some Desktop Docks From Belkin, Available At Harvey Norman – Click Here 

Ecovacs Deebot X2 Omni – can a robot vacuum/mop get any better? (cleaning review) 

The Ecovacs Deebot X2 Omni has rewritten the robot vacuum/mops rules. It has a new, more efficient square design, built-in dual laser LiDAR navigation, and a new AINA brain to give results we have never seen before.It supersedes the X1 Omni, which sold over 1 million units. Ecovacs has been the #1 Australian brand for the past four years.When reviewing tech cleaners, we use our test panel with various home and floor types and get the end users’ opinions.

Guests and Topics on the Show
Last week, Google announced the new Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro and we decided to invite them on the show to discuss about the new technologies added to this latest model. Rory Charlston Director & Head of ANZ, Device & Services Business from Google joins us this week.  

The new Google Pixel 8 and Pro are here, offering ‘Made by Google’s’ unique take on what a smartphone should be.That unique take is all about using AI to extract maximum functionality from Google devices. For example, a selfie camera usually only provides a somewhat insecure 2D Face ID. Google has applied AI and Machine learning to meet Face ID security levels for App sign-ins and payments.

Catch the full article here. 

Also, on the news this week are some great products from Belkin – Thunderbolt 4 and docks. Ashleigh Dean Product Manager from Belkin joins us to share these wonderful products.  

Thunderbolt™ 4,the latest Thunderbolt technology from Intel, offers a host of features to improve current workstation or gaming setups, provides high bandwidth for connecting high- performance devices, helps ensure quality connection between devices and accessories, and makes it easy to charge, transfer data, and transfer video signals through a single port. Thunderbolt 4 offers flexibility, high bandwidth and versatile connectivity to make connecting devices easier without all the extra cables. 

Belkin, a consumer electronics leader, today announces its latest lineup of connectivity solutions built with Intel’s Thunderbolt™ 4 controller with the launch of its Connect Pro Thunderbolt 4™ Dock, and Connect Thunderbolt 4™ 5-in-1 Core Hub. This new range leverages the benefits of Thunderbolt 4 to offer dual display support for video resolutions up to 4K at 60Hz, total bandwidth of 40Gbps, Power Delivery for fast charging, and so much more.   

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Life & Technology – 2GB 7th Oct, 2023

Does insurance cover a lithium-ion battery fire? Maybe and probably not

If you have a Lithium-ion battery fire, does your home and contents fire insurance cover it? We have attempted to find simple English answers – yes or no – but at best, all we get is a maybe.

The average home now is littered with rechargeable lithium-ion powered devices. Laptops, phones, tablets, headphones, torches, toys, vacuums, power tools, e-scooters, e-bikes, EVs, solar batteries and even vapes! Earlier this year, we wrote that Large-capacity Lithium-ion batteries will end in death. It attracted much reader interest, and one of the most asked questions was about insurance coverage.

So, let’s start at the root of the issue. No one knows for sure what is and what is not covered. There are insufficient Australian statistics to develop a risk profile that insurers can use to develop policies and set premiums. All they can say is that certain Lithium-ion devices won’t be covered for home and contents fire protection or it will be a case-by-case decision and a very much higher premium.


Guests and Topics on the Show
Sound United who carries the Denon brand has recently launched an extraordinary earbuds that analyzes your ear and personalizes it to suit you better.  We invited Adam Prangell Product Manager from Sound United who talked about this technology.  

One sound doesn’t fit all. The Denon PerL Pro earbuds combine Denon’s audio expertise with a unique audio technology that adapts to how YOU hear. These one of a kind earbuds automatically measure your hearing and create a tailored profile that ensures your music is perfectly tuned to YOU.

Watch our feature of the Denon PerL earbuds here. 

This week we’ve seen reports of iPhone 15 over heating and a software update to hopefully fix the issue. Mike Boyd, our in-house ‘Apple expert’ joined us this week to shed some light on this concern.  

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Life & Technology – 2GB 30th Sep, 2023

Harvey Norman – Free Wall Mount Offer This Weekend

Our sponsors are running a promotion this weekend, offering free wall mounted installation for TV purchases. Wall mounting is not an easy thing to do and to have a professional installer take care of this process, at no charge is a great feature. 

Just remember to check with the store for terms and conditions, and to confirm if its ALL TVs or just selected TVs. They can help you at the store when you talk to them. 

Enjoy the Grand Final(s) this weekend!! 

Buying the right fridge (2023 appliance guide)

The single most important tool for buying the right fridge

A tape measure is the most important tool in buying the right fridge. Measure your space – height, width, depth; note where the power point is and if you want a left or right opening door.

Once you have the measurements, add at least 50mm on each side and 100mm at the top for ventilation (more if you can). Most new fridges have a blank rear (hidden condenser coils), but you must leave room for the power plug and plumbing.

Hint: Some doors open to 90° within the fridge measurements, but many need extra width if you want to open past that. This may affect the cavity width and depth, and doors may need to be clear of the cavity.

Next is delivery access. Measure the front/rear door or elevator door that it will come through, as well as any choke points like hallways, stairs (and stair returns), etc. There is no point in buying a fridge you can’t get inside your home.

Read more about our guide here. 

We tested out a new hydrosteam vacuum range recently and was amazed by how it worked well. And decided to share that with you. Brad Duence Brand Ambassador Bissell Australia graced us on the show and discussed about Bissell’s latest Hydrosteam Range.  
Earlier in the week we also spoke with Aaron McNamara Head of Product – AV fromSamsung Australia and talked about their massive 98-inch Q80C QLED TV and you should be buying big TVs.  ­

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