Life & Technology – 2GB 22nd June, 2019

This week on Life and Technology, Dino Strkljevic, Business Development Manager of Intel joined us this week to talk about the next generation features and benefits of new laptops. Also on the show is Angus Jones, Marketing Director of LG who discussed their newest dual-screen mobile phone, the V50.

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Life & Technology – 2GB 15th June, 2019

On Life and Technology this week, Charlie chatted with Reggie Lam, Product Marketing Associate of Panasonic who talked about the latest Panasonic TV products you can choose from. Also on the show is Murphy Whitmore from Rail Projects Victoria who tackled Minecraft, it’s gaming and education in one. Listen in to get information on these topics and more.

Life & Technology – 2GB 8th June, 2019

This week’s episode of Life and Technology, Charlie spoke with Mike Boyd, Co-Founder and CEO of Contact Light, he discussed about the real deal with iTunes, sign in with Apple and iOS 13 updates. Also on the show is Michael Tran, managing Director of Oppo who tackled the 5G Era with revolutionary new Reno series. Great callers too for this episode! Catch us live every Saturday from 8:00AM – 9:00AM at 2GB!