Life & Technology – 2GB 19th September, 2020

We invited Tristan Sternson, CEO of Arq Group, the makers of Fires Near Me App and First State Super App, both winners of Good Design Award for Social Impact category and Digital Design category. 

They also won AWS’s Social Impact Partner of the Year in recognition of its Fires Near Me mobile app.

The Fires Near Me app provides a critical service to millions of Australians during last summer’s unprecedented bushfire season, changing the way the public and authorities respond to bushfires, while saving lives and protecting property.

We also invited Mike Boyd, CEO and Founder of Contact Light and discussed the key announcements from Apple’s Time Flies event this week. 

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Life & Technology – 2GB 12th September, 2020

We invited Dr. Brad Marshall, Pyschologist/Director of Internet Addiction Clinic @ Kidpsace, and shared with us the effects of disturbing videos on children. 

Visit his website too for more information or get a copy of his book, The Tech Diet for your Child and Teen.

We also played an interview we had with Dr Brandon Gien, CEO of Good Design Australia and discussed Good Design Week to talk about the impact of design, where Australia sits in the design landscape and the Good Design Awards where they recognise and celebrate excellence in cutting edge design and breakthrough innovation. You can watch the full interview here. You can also read more about theNurochek System by Headsafe here

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Life & Technology – 2GB 5th September, 2020

We invited Brad Hales, National Marketing Manager from Uniden, to discuss long range cordless phone options. What are the features you need to look for, what range can you expect and is it possible to boost it. Check out Uniden’s cordless phones here and in particular have a look at the long range cordless phones ‘XDECT’

We also played a part of the interview we had with Chris Mayer of Hisense and shared their latest Dual Cell Technology. You can watch the whole interview here

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