Life & Technology – 2GB 20th February, 2021

This week we invited  Lindsay Brown, Vice President for Asia Pacific from LogMeIn. He talked about password psychology and we there is a need to be more cautious in setting up passwords for each of your online accounts. 

We also invited Hugh Treseder, Founder and CEO of Flotespace. Hugh shared their  new technology system that will enable Flotespace users to see every time slot they can potentially book a boat on the platform, in real-time and will be the first of its kind in Australia, as no other boating hire platform in Australia currently offers this feature.

Flotespace is proud to be Australia’s leading boat hire specialists, catering for any event on the water. We make it easy to book amazing boats in Sydney, yachts on the GoldCoast, or catamarans in The Whitsundays so you can enjoy the boating lifestyle with friends or family. Get on board!

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Life & Technology – 2GB 13th February, 2021

This week we invited  Brad Marshall, Child Psychologist / Founder of The Unplugged Psychologist,on to the show and discussed details about this year’s Safer Internet Day with a focus on internet safety for kids and teens. 

Earlier in the week we interviewed Robert Corkhill, Marketing Communications Manager from Acer and shared their newest 2021 Laptop line up.

Acer’s Swift 5, is a highly portable new machine with the latest technology packed inside. With the latest 11th gen Intel Core processor line available, 1TB of high-speed solid-state storage, Intel Iris XE graphics, this laptop can handle it all. And with a 56-watt-hour battery, it achieves up to 17 hours of power.

Designed for working on the move, the Acer Swift 3X has all the features you need in a modern laptop. With great performance from the 11th Gen Intel processor, long battery life of up to 17 hours and beautiful 14-inch display, this laptop can help you get things done on the move.

Acer’s Concept D line pairs powerful hardware with beautiful colour-calibrated displays and high-quality pen input. ConceptD’s Ezel models have an innovative hinge that provides artists with an easier way than ever to draw and paint on the laptop.

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Life & Technology – 2GB 06th February, 2021

This week we invited  Lucy Martyn, General Manager, Global Communications of Breville on to the show to discuss about The Food Cycler.

Cut down on your waste without a worry. Using only one kilowatt per eight-hour cycle – equivalent to boiling the kettle and quieter than a dishwasher, you can go from two litres of food scraps to 0.34 litres of EcoChips.

Watch our full feature of the Food Cycler here.

We also had Michael Ackland, Telstra Group Executive of Consumer and Small Business. Michael shared how your old phones can worth a small fortune.

Telstra have partnered with Kingfisher Mobile Australia to make trading-in eligible old and out-of-contract devices easier, while also ensuring consumers get the best in market price. Old devices are then reconditioned, resold and recycled rather than ending up as e-waste. 

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