Life & Technology – 2GB 15th June 2024

Winter is here – time to think about portable heaters

Winter is here, and our guide to portable heaters may help you stay warm and save big bucks in energy costs.

Of course, we are talking about portable electric heaters. In this guide, we look at three things

  • Types of heaters
  • Best places to use them
  • Efficiency – power used to heat a specified area

We are not covering gas, boiler/radiator, heat pumps, air-conditioning (just a mention), underfloor, etc. These require expensive capital outlays.

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Guests and Topics on the Show
A few weeks ago, we featured a 4K Video Doorbell on CybershackTV.

This week we invited Swann to talk about that product as well as WIFI blockers and some tips on how to still make your security cameras work.  Jeremy Stewart, VP Global Marketing from Swann joined us in this discussion.  

In the discussion Jeremy listed out some advice and Swann product options for residents to consider –  Think about your entire homes security. This means door & window locks and getting to know your neighbours. Things that are not to do with your security cameras.

Consider a mix of wired and wireless cameras, and also cameras with a different wifi frequency (like the new 900 mghz wireless cameras from Swann)Consider cameras that have on board vision storage, so if the wifi network goes offline the vision is stored on the camera until it reconnects to the network.  Jeremy also discussed Swann’s home security gear offers cheap and effective ways to keep an eye on your place. Meet the SwannBuddy 4K, a top-notch wireless video doorbell and chime combo that adds convenience, peace of mind, and handy features. See more product details here. 

Watch our feature of the doorbell here. 

We also invited Mike Boyd, our in-house Apple guru who discussed about the highlights of the recently concluded WWDC 2024.

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