Life & Technology – 2GB 14th March, 2020

We invited Peter Adderton, Founder of Boost Mobile , he shared with us the Boost’ international roaming packages that is easy on the pocket. Its a new PREPAID opportunity which means you know that you will only pay $60 for 5 GB of data, 60 minutes of calls & 100 sms for use in 14 days. Once you use that allocation of the service, that element stops, but you want spend over the purchased amount.  

Neil Morarji, General Manager, APAC of Acronis, to discuss the scams we are seeing and the security breaches that are occurring due to the Coronavirus. Its clear that scammers are using the world wide event to rip people off. Neil talked about the importance of backing up your data while working from home. 

Life & Technology – 2GB 7th March, 2020

Neil Vasilopoulos from VASCOM who deals with NBN Installations was listening in on the show last week and noticed a lot of NBN callers and enquiries. He emailed and offered help for some NBN concerns. He joined us today and provided installation tips to avoid common issues we are all experiencing with our NBN connection.

We also invited Vodafone unto the show. Dan Lloyd, Director of External Affairs, shared Vodafone’s first site in Parramatta and discussed exciting 5G news we should look forward to.


Life & Technology – 2GB 29th February, 2020

Telstra will no longer sell NBN Fibre To The Node, Fibre To The Driveway or Fibre To The Basement services. Here are some articles that discuss the decision, but in short, if you have one of these NBN connection forms you can connect to Telstra on a maximum 50/20 plan or choose another retailer for NBN.

Here are some recent articles that explain the decision:

Telstra talks up 5G offering after axing NBN plans
Telstra stops sale of 100Mbps NBN plans…..
Telstra stops offering 100Mbps services for NBN FTTN/B/C

Harvey Wright, Head of 5G from Optus joined us on the show to discuss about the recent survey Optus ran about how Australians are more excited about fast internet. Listen in to find out Optus‘ plan on 5G Services and how it can benefit you. You can also look up your address to see if its within the frequency zone for 5G HERE

We also invited Epson unto the show. Bruce Bealby, General Manager of Marketing, shared their latest document scanner specifically designed to easily organise receipts and invoices, the Epson WorkForce ES500WR. Browse their website to find out more of great Epson products.

WorkForce ES-500WR

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