Life & Technology – 2GB 11th July, 2020

Tiktok and App Safety

Tiktok is yet again on the limelight as other countries have decided to ban the app. We invited Mike Boyd, CEO and Founder of Contact Light, to discuss the dangers of using the app and what kind of data is being shared with it.

Harman Kardon’s Citation Series

Harmon Kardon’s Citation Series of wireless speakers provide an easy way to set up premium, connected high resolution audio throughout your home, that you can control with your voice.

We invited Scott Saxton, Product Marketing Manager, to share their latest Citation Series, it’s wide range of speakers, there’s a suitable setup for your every room. Watch our feature of the Citation Series on Cybershack TV next week, 18 July at 12:30PM.

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Life & Technology – 2GB 4th July, 2020

Bowers and Wilkins’s Technology –

Bowers and Wilkins share with us the technology that goes into a great sounding speaker at home. . We interviewed Andy Kerr, B&W’s Director for Product Marketing and discussed about this technology and with more and more of us getting upgraded speakers to enjoy your favourite music, it’s worth looking at how technology company’s build these speakers to ensure they sound great. Also, check out the range off speakers they have in Australia on their website.

Problems with your TV at night?

We received a lot of inquiries about TVs being worse at night, on the show we invited one of our listeners, Mark Osborne from Jim’s Antennas and shared how you can sort out this problem

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Life & Technology – 2GB 27th June, 2020

Mike Boyd Talks Apple WWDC –

A new online streamed conference for 2020 saw the key announcements around iOS14, new processor technology for Apple Macs,

Asus Expert Book – 

Leon Brumen from Asus came on the show and talked us through their new thin and light 14 inch device, that is still rocking Intel Core i7 10th generation processor and other high spec features.
Read more about the Asus Expert Book here.

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