Life & Technology – 2GB 19th December, 2020

On the show this week, we invited Mitchell Whitaker, Director from Harvey Norman New Castle and talked about some great deals to complete your Christmas shopping list. Head online to get these deals from Harvey Norman or visit a store near you. 

Also on the show was TP-Link’s Retail Sales Director, Matt Farmer. We interviewed Matt earlier on the week to talk about their latest Wifi 6 router, the Archer AX73. 

The TP Link Archer AX73 offers Wi-Fi 6 at up to 5400 Mbps, making it perfect for multiple users and clients. With so many connected devices in the home today. Fast, stable Wi-Fi has never been more important.

Easy setup and ongoing management are another bonus you get with the Archer AX73. You can use TP Link’s Tether app to configure the device, view ongoing statistics, and maintain your network easily right from your smartphone.

Watch our feature of the TP-Link Archer AX73 here. 

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Life and Technology – Saturday November 19th

Life & Technology – 2GB 12th December, 2020

On the show this week, we invited Jenny Mills, Director from Harvey Norman Domayne and talked about the kids creating Christmas gifts from Harvey Norman’s PhotoCentre.

Also on the show was Swann’s VP of Global Marketing, Jeremy Stewart. We interviewed Jeremy earlier on the week to talk about their latest Swann Wire Free camera. 

This is a multi-award winning compact indoor security camera that uses auto-tracking technology to record moving objects without physically moving the camera.

Up to two objects can be tracked at once, while simultaneously viewing the full 180-degree ultra-wide field of vision, using the Swann Security app

The Swann Wi-Fi Tracker also sports powerful infrared based night vision, providing it with night time image capture up to 10 metres, and it automatically turns on when the lights are off. Two-way audio also provides an easy way to warn off intruders or simply speak with visitors. Setup is made easy – just plug in the power and connect the camera through your home or businesses Wi-Fi.

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