Life & Technology – 2GB 4th Nov, 2023

A few weeks ago, we caught up with two experts to delve into the latest tech trends. First, we spoke with Alex Choros, Managing Editor for, to discuss the impact of recent NBN wholesale price changes on retail costs. 

Then, we turned to Mike Boyd, the Mac Lover and All Out Apple expert, to get his take on Apple’s exciting new Mac lineup. Will these innovations make us want to add one to our collection?

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Life & Technology – 2GB 28th Oct, 2023

A while ago, we had the privilege of sitting down with Anna Perrin, the Chief Customer Officer of NBN, to delve into the recent changes to NBN pricing. In this exclusive interview, Anna shed light on the evolving landscape of NBN services and how these pricing adjustments are set to shape the future of connectivity in Australia.

New broadband pricing and service standards will provide benefits for customers, yet may present challenges to retail service providers.

A few weeks ago, we filmed a new all-in-one garment steamer, which left us amazed. We invited Elizabeth Redmond, OmniChannel Shopper Marketing Lead from Philipsto talk about the All-in-One 8500 Series.  

The Philips All-in-One 8500 Series is the game-changing solution to look your best. The steaming and ironing combination is a convenient mix of easy handling and powerful performance. A versatile solution that keeps creases at bay. 

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Life & Technology – 2GB 21st Oct, 2023

On Thursday, Motorola has announced their new affordable 5G Phone, at $300 price point!

We invited Kurt Bonnici Head of Motorola – Greater Asia Pacific to discuss the latest g54 5G.  

Affordable smartphones packed with essential features play a pivotal role in the smartphone market. Motorola has recently introduced its latest offering to retail stores and soon, selected carriers. This release offers Australians a 5G smartphone priced under $300, featuring a water-resistant finish, a choice of two colours, and three-year security patch support. This time its the moto g54 5G.

October is Cybersecurity Awareness month and with Christmas around the corner, we are seeing more and more cyber threats around.

We decided to invite Associate Professor Mamello Thinyane , Optus Chair of Cybersecurity and Data Science from UniSA STEM | University of South Australia who shared some basic cyber hygiene practices that we all should be aware of. 

 “In the past, organisations have been unwilling to disclose their cyberattack experiences for fear of reputational damage and legal implications. However, it’s important we strengthen our collective intelligence and reduce the barriers for companies that have been victims of cyberattacks. By sharing their experiences and lessons learned, we can build trusted networks and become smarter together,”  “At an individual level, we can do so much more to lower the risks of cybercrime. Basic ‘cyber hygiene’ should be instilled in everyone. This includes protecting our accounts with multi-factor authentication, strong passwords, password managers, and being super vigilant around potential phishing attacks and scams.”  

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