Life & Technology – 2GB 29th June 2024

Confused about TV tech? That’s just what they want!

LCD, LED, QD, Mini-LED, Micro-LED, OLED, QD OLED, 4K, 8K, Laser… Confused about TV tech? Well, there are so many made-up terms and so much marketing hype to delight and confuse you that you can end up buying the wrong TV. We explain the differences and help you decide what is best for your needs. First, we need to define some terms.

Mainstream tier-one brands (% global market share)

  • LG (About 7.4% in a mix of OLED, NanoCell Quantum Dot, QNED QD/mini-LED/LCD made in South Korea and China)
  • Samsung (about 12.8% of the global market share in mini-LED/LCD, Quantum Dot, LED/LCD made in South Korea and China) and now QD OLED.
  • Sony (about 4% in LED/LCD and OLED [LG OLED and Samsung) is made in Malaysia.
  • Hisense has about 7.7% (mainly VIDAA OS and LED/LCD but increasing mini-LED)
  • TCL has about 11.7% and is growing faster than all other tier-one brands (mainly Google TV and LED/LCD but increasing mini-LED)

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Guests and Topics on the Show
It’s Eofy and Tech is on the shopping list for many.   

An item we purchased this Eofy was a new touch screen monitor, that is Aussie designed to. It’s simple to use and to see how hard it is to set up, I had my wife do it (who is the owner of the monitor).  

As we continue our support of Aus based Tech development, we spoke with Scott MckeonCofounder and Head of Growth espresso Displays who discussed about this amazing product.  

Read our full review of this product here.  

AI PCs are coming to the market aims to replace our old machines.

Qualcomm who has been in the mobile space is expanding its’ expertise in the PC world.  

We invited Terry Yen Senior Director for Business Development from Qualcomm who shared what they are doing in AI PC space and what are the developments to watch out for.  

AI is changing lots of industries and products, including your personal and work computer. Explore how AI PCs are changing computing by reading further; we’ll also help you understand how to pick the best AI PC. Generative AI is revolutionizing industries across the board, from healthcare to finance to entertainment and transportation. Models like ChatGPT, Sora, and others are making headlines for their remarkable capabilities, showcasing the vast potential of artificial intelligence. 

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