Life & Technology – 2GB 1st June 2024

3G Shutdown in AU – Moving To a 4G Smart Phone

Many of you have been in touch about the need to get a new Smart Phone because your current handset does not connect to the 4G network or does not make calls when using a 4G network. There are two issues here, making calls on 4G requires a technology called ‘VoLTE’ or Voice Over Long Term Evolution. This basically means making a phone call on the 4G network! No VoLTE in your phone, no phone call on 4G. Why would a phone connect to 4G and not make a call? 4G data speeds are faster, so while using just data you get a better experience, but the handset is an older one and the manufacturer didnt include this last bit in the service. 

There are lots of different technologies that will be affected by the shutdown. Phone service interruptions are one of the easiest to prepare for, you just need to buy a new phone! A 3G only phone, wont ever work just on 4G because the correct cellular antennas are included. 

Dont Buy Grey Import

So, we are now looking at upgrading to a new phone that works on 4G for calls, sms and data. ALL phones for sale in Australia right now should be able to achieve. My suggestion is you purchase a phone that is unlocked, so you can change carriers easily if you choose to. Also, choose a phone that has local customer support. Either by way of a local team or a locally registered business operation. In short, dont by a Grey Import!  

Simpler Smart Phones

As I have mentioned a few times on the show, we have a Smart Phone business called G-mee, so we know all about the details that are required to make phones compliant for operation and safety in Australia. We have two phones that are being purchased by older Australians looking for a simpler smart phone, that is unlocked and comes with local support – I’ll share some customer comments in a newsletter – 

G-mee Connect Pro – Unlocked 4G – $189 (plus delivery)
G-mee Connect 2 – Unlocked 4G – $89 (plus delivery)

Guests and Topics on the Show
Really appreciated both our guests coming on the show today to discuss VR Technology and Cyber Law rules and changes.  

We invited Dr. Tanya Petrovich Business Innovation ManagerDementia Australia to talk about De-escalation VR training.   

D-Esc, is a new innovative virtual reality (VR) training workshop aims to de-escalate a behavioural emergency in a care setting. D-Esc provides an immersive simulation, designed for frontline and health care professionals, to adopt an interactive approach to de-escalation training. Participants will build empathy and understanding towards people with dementia, with the aim to reduce the use of restrictive practices and the number and severity of dangerous incidents in care.

In line with the latest data breach from TicketMaster, we also played a pre-recorded interview we had with Annie Hagar, Cybersecurity Lawyer from CyberGC who discussed what the businesses need to do when they experience a data breach. 
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