Life & Technology – 2GB 25th May 2024

Can You Boost Cellular Reption At Home – YES! But Do It Right

I continue to have lots of listeners contact me about getting better reception for your phone at home. You can improve things, but our article takes you through all the details.

Banning social media for children under 16. 100% right, but will it work?

The problem with banning social media for children under 16 is not that it is 100% the right thing to do, but in the word, ‘banning’.

As parents, we have the right, responsibility, and power to guide our children’s social media use. It is not about banning but setting boundaries to protect them from potential harm. We must take the time to ‘parent’ – communicate the dangers, and provide more parental interaction instead of more harmful screen time (two excellent articles).

To be crystal clear, Joe and Jane Average can stop their kids from accessing social media right now.  But they are too afraid of being pilloried by their kids for trying to save them from its evils.

No, let the Government do what the parents should, so it becomes the scapegoat. Let’s see how that works – vapes are an excellent example of a significant Government policy failure. Banning social media will make it more attractive and drive its use under the radar.

Banning social media starts with WHY

Guests and Topics on the Show
On the show this week, we invited Dr. Wayne Warburton, Professor, School of Psychological Sciences from Macquarie University who talked about screen time for kids and how hyper connection is harming our children.  

Screen Time for Kids is a literal translation of a 142-page report commissioned by French President Emanual Macron. It has 29 proposals taken as a whole to solve the issues confronting us all. A copy of the machine-translated report is here – Screen Time Drug Addiction – children, teens, and Everyone Else at Risk. We want to look at some of the more pertinent points. This is a precis – not commentary. We often have had to paraphrase to get the English interpretation and apologise for any unintentional mistakes. 



ASUS has unveiled the Vivobook S 15, a groundbreaking addition to the AI PC market, to much anticipation. This device caters to your diverse needs, packed with next-gen AI features that promise to revolutionise work, learning, and play. 

Bradley Howe Head of Consumer from ASUS Australia joins us this week and shared this latest in their Vivobook range. 

The Vivobook S 15 is available for pre-order starting today,and it will hit the shelves at leading retailers such as Harvey Norman, JB HiFi, Officeworks, and the ASUS E-shop from 18 June. RRP is set at $2,699. For more information and to pre-order, visit the ASUS e-shop link. Don’t miss out on securing this impressive piece of technology, designed to make you life smarter, faster, and easier. 
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