Life & Technology – 2GB 23rd April, 2022

As we commemorate Anzac Day, we invited Terri -Anne Simmonds Head of Digital Experience Australian War Memorial. Terri-Anne talked about Anzac Day commemorations at the Memorial, and alternatively about Digital Projects the Memorial has developed to help Australians commemorate.

Projects include:
Places of Pride
3D Treasures
Daily live streamed Last Post Ceremony
Social media engagement
You can also search the National Archives for lots more information

A featured item Jeffrey the robot
Wreaths are laid at the Pool of Reflection

Also on the show this week, we invited Hannon Comazzetto Founder and CEO AirRobe

To mark Earth Day, Australian circular fashion start-up AirRobe has pledged to divert 1 million items of clothing from landfill by 2023. The ambitious goal, supported by over 100 brands, including leading Australian designer Viktoria & Woods aims to encourage more brands to make a commitment to sustainability and take leadership towards a circular ecosystem by joining the movement.  

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Life & Technology – 2GB 16th April, 2022

On the show this week, we invited Rob Miravet, Director from Solar ACDC

Miravet’s solar powered pool heater has been launched just in time for winter, where it will save pool owners $4-6,000 or more each year in heating costs while also saving the environment. Similarly priced to other pool heating systems to install, the solar powered pool heater manufactured by Solar AC DC can cost nothing to run once it is connected.

“Even if 10% of Australia’s 1 million pools started using this new method – $400 million dollars would be saved each year in pool heating costs, and that’s a very conservative saving – it can sometimes be more. Pool owners will be over the moon because one of their most expensive assets will get used for an extra 6 months per year. The Hybrid Solar Heat Pump Pool Heater (it’s a mouthful!) uses dedicated photovoltaic solar panels for power. The heat pump powers up in the morning when the sun shines (even if it’s cloudy), heating the pool during the day, before turning off in the evening when the sun goes down. The thermal load remains in the pool overnight ensuring it remains a swimmable temperature for most of the year. Flick a switch and the heating pump can become a pool cooler – perfect for places like Darwin or Cairns where you need a refreshing dip in the peak of summer.”


Also on the show this week, we invited Mitchell Whitaker Director from Harvey Norman New Castle and shared Easter Holiday Tech deals. 

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Life & Technology – 2GB 9th April, 2022

Text scams can vary from fake parcel delivery SMS, job offers, freebies, winning something and the likes. It’s both irritating and can be a pain if you click any of the links they sent. 

This week, Telstra has announced the roll out of SMS Scam filters. Narelle Devine, Chief Information Security Officer from Telstra talked about this in detail.

If a SMS message looks suspicious, we’ll block it before it reaches you. Automatic machine scanning picks out suspicious content such as malicious links and combines this with other patterns and characteristics like the time, sender, the number of messages sent and the recipient.

Telstra takes its privacy obligations seriously. We know there’s a fine balance between protecting our customers and ensuring their privacy. While the technology is learning, it might flag a potential suspicious message asking if it is a scam. To avoid blocking something legitimate, the new message format may be reviewed by our specialists to identify if the message is a scam, but the details of the recipients will remain masked.

Additionally, here are some steps you can do if you receive SMS messages or emails – from ACMA 

  • report it to Scamwatch
  • delete the message
  • do not click on any links or call any telephone numbers associated with the message
  • if the malware installs, or if you think you may have provided your financial details to a fake website, contact your bank as quickly as possible and ensure your accounts are secure

Also on the show this week, we invited Bruce Bealby General Manager – Marketing from Epson Australia who shared their latest laser projector, the Epson EH-LS12000B 4K PRO-UHD

Epson launches its most advanced home theatre projector to date

Incorporating an all-new laser array light source, next-generation image enhancement and processing algorithms, expanded HDR10+ and HDMI 2.1 support and real-time scene adaptive correction, the EH-LS12000B produces incredible brightness, colour accuracy and image detail for stunning 4K viewing experiences and immersive gaming.
The uniquely designed laser optical engine allows for uncompromising brightness, contrast, colour and the highest image quality. The laser engine’s long lifespan of up to 20,000 hours2 provides virtually worry-free operation. There’s no waiting for the projector to warm-up or cool down either, as the projector reaches maximum brightness and turns off almost immediately.

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