Windows7 Family Pack Announced

When Windows 7 was lauched in Australia I was fairly blunt that the software package was the best thing in operating systems since, well ever! My main area of interest was the networking within the home. With Windows7 it is really easy to share content around multiple pc’s, AND is really easy to set this up. Problem was Microsoft did not release a multiple install license to give families an incentive to up-grade all their machines, and take advantage of the better home networking.

In some other territories Microsoft launched the ‘Family Pack’ , this meant, one purchase, multiple licenses. It made sense to me, because today, more and more families have multiple pc’s in the home. Now the whole family could learn Windows7 at the same time on their own machine and use the content sharing benefits all at the same time.

The good news – Microsoft have just launched a new bundle offer. The Family Pack, is perfect for families. For $250, you get three Windows7 Home Premium licenses. So, three pc’s in the home can run Win7. Microsoft are saying this is part “of our Christmas offers”, and that it is a limited release. But I am hoping this is going to be around for some time.