Talking Fire Safety Website with Steve Price

A new website called helps Australians who are susceptible to bush fires, locate fires and gives regular updates such as how big it is, and also potential hot spots. It looks like it could be an important tool in the coming months with fire season upon us.

Then there are the new Sennheiser RS range of wireless headphones. These units use digital technology, which marries with other digital gear that you may have in the house. Also, the frequency adjusts as you move around the house so you never have to worry about the sound dropping out.

Phone calls included one from Geraldine about how slow her broadband is. Unfortunately, being in a rural area, this is a fact of life for some. The NBN rollout is supposed to help those like Geraldine in the future, but she didn’t sound too optimistic.

Ken was wondering if he could load Windows 7 on to both his E and C drives. I suggested he put the OS on his E drive, and save the bigger C drive for his files.

Anthony was wondering why he couldn’t reinstall all his programs after a major crash, but he hadn’t booted up from the original CD Rom. If you have to start again, you have to go back to the beginning. It’s as simple as that.

Julie had a PS3 that no longer works, and has stopped reading discs. She traded in her old Xbox for the console and no longer has the receipt. However, one would hope that PS3 would do the right thing by her.