Life & Technology – 2GB 22nd June 2024

Here Is What To Do If You Receive An Alert That Your Phone Wont Work After the 3G Shut Down

Vodafone has shut 3G (I have not noticed any loss of service here), Telstra shut at the end of August and Optus shut at the end of September. All three networks and their resellers are currently sending selected customers messages (via sms or email) that their device will not work when calling on 4G or calling Triple Zero on 4G. 

I have looked into the issue, and here is what is happening – 

Over the last 18 months all the telcos have been collecting and analyzing customer phone call data. This has told the telcos what devices (personal user information – just device usage) are making calls on their network using 3g vs 4g, and also for calling Triple Zero. This data has been shared between the different telcos and government agencies to build a picture of what devices will ‘work’ after the 3G shutdown. 

This data has been combined with device testing results that is regularly carried out by telcos when determining if a phone is going to be sold by the Telco (such on a plan or through a telco store). This testing has tested for the ability to call on 4G.  

This combined data set is wide and accurate, but it does not cover ALL devices. If there is no testing evidence or usage evidence that a phone will call on 4G or call Triple Zero on 4g, then the telco or reseller will send an alert saying the phone ‘wont work’ on 4g for calling. I asked whether it was possible some phones that WILL work, have received an alert that they WONT work. The answer was YES. 

It was discussed whether the wording of the message should say ‘May Not Work’, but ultimately the decision was made to direct the customer to get a new phone. 

So, what can you do if you receive this ‘Your Device Wont Work’ message – 

  1. turn off your 3g network access in settings. Once off make a phone call. If you can make a phone call on 4G now, you will be able to make a phone call on 4G once the 3G network is off.
  2. Not you know your phone can make calls on 4G, its likely Triple Zero emergency calls will also work – BUT If you are concerned about calling Triple Zero, DO NOT CALL TRIPLE ZERO, instead get in touch with your manufacturer and ask for clarification.

As I said today on the show, I would like to thank the phone companies, in particular Telstra and Optus for spending the time with me this week to assist taking me through the above so i can pass on my suggestions to you, if you are affected. 

We have written more up about the 3G Shut Down here.

Guests and Topics on the Show
Lots of questions continue to come in from listeners on the benefits of getting Internet Security software on your devices, verse the inbuilt protection from services like Windows Security.  One of the benefits is being able to access user support.

We conducted an interview with Norton last week, during which they highlighted the 24/7 support service they provide to their existing customers.

This round-the-clock assistance ensures that users have access to technical help and customer support at any time, day or night. 

Dean Williams, Senior Systems Engineer from Norton talked about this 24/7 support. 

We also invited Mitchell Whitaker, Director from Harvey Norman Newcastle who shared some ongoing Harvey Norman EOFY deals. 

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Life & Technology – 2GB 15th June 2024

Winter is here – time to think about portable heaters

Winter is here, and our guide to portable heaters may help you stay warm and save big bucks in energy costs.

Of course, we are talking about portable electric heaters. In this guide, we look at three things

  • Types of heaters
  • Best places to use them
  • Efficiency – power used to heat a specified area

We are not covering gas, boiler/radiator, heat pumps, air-conditioning (just a mention), underfloor, etc. These require expensive capital outlays.

Continue Reading…

Guests and Topics on the Show
A few weeks ago, we featured a 4K Video Doorbell on CybershackTV.

This week we invited Swann to talk about that product as well as WIFI blockers and some tips on how to still make your security cameras work.  Jeremy Stewart, VP Global Marketing from Swann joined us in this discussion.  

In the discussion Jeremy listed out some advice and Swann product options for residents to consider –  Think about your entire homes security. This means door & window locks and getting to know your neighbours. Things that are not to do with your security cameras.

Consider a mix of wired and wireless cameras, and also cameras with a different wifi frequency (like the new 900 mghz wireless cameras from Swann)Consider cameras that have on board vision storage, so if the wifi network goes offline the vision is stored on the camera until it reconnects to the network.  Jeremy also discussed Swann’s home security gear offers cheap and effective ways to keep an eye on your place. Meet the SwannBuddy 4K, a top-notch wireless video doorbell and chime combo that adds convenience, peace of mind, and handy features. See more product details here. 

Watch our feature of the doorbell here. 

We also invited Mike Boyd, our in-house Apple guru who discussed about the highlights of the recently concluded WWDC 2024.

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Life & Technology – 2GB 8th June 2024

G-mee Connect Pro 4G Smart – Review From A Senior 

We received a lovely review from a senior (and a quite tech savvy) listener who recently purchased our G-mee Connect Pro. Barry purchased the phone because of the 3g switch off, and wanted an unlocked and simple smart phone.  “I feel it’s geared towards older teens who need a phone that’s both safe and secure. No cameras mean no worries about sharing pics or videos. Moreover, it offers robust parental controls through a built-in app locker, empowering parents to manage various phone features. But it’s not just about safety. You can stream your favorite shows in HD+ and listen with Bluetooth headphones or the included earbuds. Furthermore, this phone serves as an ideal choice for seniors seeking a straightforward communication device. With its intuitive interface, seniors can easily stay in touch with family via phone calls or messaging apps. Plus, with the dual Nano SIM slot, you can easily switch between networks, perfect for when you’re traveling or just want to try out a new carrier.”

 Barry received a small discount on his purchase for agreeing to share his review. We thank Barry for sharing his thoughts on the handset – G-mee Connect Pro To ensure disclosure, this is the phone I created.  


Hobot S6 Pro robot window cleaner – for big jobs The Hobot S6 Pro robot window cleaner has the power of 600 times-a-minute dual reciprocating cleaning pads – far faster than good old elbow grease.

Hobot is a leader with its Legee robot vacuum/mop cleaners and Hobot window cleaners. It focuses on these two technologies and does them very well. 

We all hate washing windows – Hobot makes you hate this job less. 

Let’s start with a caveat or three because you need to have a reasonable expectation of what robot window cleaners (all brands) can and cannot do. 


Watch our video feature of S6 Pro too. 
Guests and Topics on the Show
We invited Dr. Stefan Peters Lead researcher from University of South Australia and shared their latest research on using AI to early detect bushfires. 

 A project funded by the SmartSat CRC and led by the University of South Australia (UniSA) has used cutting-edge onboard AI technology to develop an energy-efficient early fire smoke detection system for South Australia’s first cube satellite, Kanyini.

We recently reviewed a carbonated drink maker and it’s really amazing. Check out Breville In Fizz.  Lucy Martyn General Manager, Global Communications Breville joined us in the show this week and told us about the In Fizz technology.  The Breville InFizz Fusion is a carbonated drink maker supporting the trend of making more homemade foods and having control over what you drink. Carbonated water is not new. Swiss man Jacob Schweppes commercialised it in 1786. The process is the same – injecting carbon dioxide (C02) into water. The earliest products were soda siphons, particularly useful for adding soda to spirits.  
Read the full review. 

During the show we discussed the cost of gas bottles. To purchase a new one its $35 and to refill one you already have its about $18. More details are in the review. 
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