Windows 7 Questions? Get Them Answered Today

Since the launch of Windows 7 near the end of October I’ve received quite a few queries with regard to its functionality. So I’ve called in a Windows 7 specialist who is going to answer all your questions. So if you have any queries with regard to the operating system – how to get the best out of it, any problems you’re having, or what it is compatible with – then send them in and we’ll answer them for you this afternoon.. In other news on 2UE ,we had quite a few questions on the Steve Price Show this morning on 2UE. Michael was asking after a dual sim mobile phone so he can separate his work life from his home life. There are a couple of companies out there that specialise in these units –DualSim and TwinSim. Their product should be available at most retailers who specialise in this space.

Linda was after a projector for her daughter. I’d suggest she look into getting an LED unit as opposed to a lamp-based unit. This is because LED last longer than lamps, but also lamps are known to be quite expensive to replace.

Andrew is buying is son for an Xbox for Christmas and wanted to know how to stop his 11-year-old son from playing M15 games. The simple solution is just not to let him, which I know is easier said than done. However, Xbox do have a parental control where you can punch in a code and it will not play an M15 game.

Finally there was Phil, whose PC slowed considerably when he loaded the latest Norton’s security software onto his computer. I’m pretty sure the software has been set to autoscan so it is continually running while he is trying to do other tasks. I suggest going into the control panel and switching it on to manual.

Keep you questions coming!