Christmas Shopping Websites

Clip courtesy of the A Current Affair

Below are my selections of Christmas shopping websites where you can buy presents during the festive season.
Lasoo allows you to compare similar products and see what they are priced at. i.e., If you are after a juicer, it will take you to the juicing page and show you the cost of others juicers in a similar price range. You can search by category, brand or retailer. Although in most cases you won’t be able to purchase these products online, it allows you to see what store has what item and which store has the most competitive price.
Takes excess stock from stores around the country and sells them online. Items are usually a lot cheaper than they are in the store. There are reader reviews and star ratings that gives you an idea of what a product is like. There is a wide selection of categories to chose from. The site has a clearance bin section where items are significantly reduced.
More like a department store online. Top brands including Acer, Nokia, Blackberry, etc. Do be careful with warranties – check them out. They have ‘steal’ of the day – name product that can be purchased at particularly good price. Prices are usually lower than retail.
This website offers service based gift ideas – e.g. a cleaner, personal trainer or personal chef to your home. iWish iWish provides approximately 80 unique gift packages available in destinations throughout Australia, making it the perfect site to do your Christmas shopping for the entire family. Services such as a beauty spa pack, a house clean or a romantic dinner are unquestionably popular gifts for busy mothers. There are great new ideas for Dad too, with a garden tidy, a fresh BBQ party pack and a garage de-clutter. Other services for the family range from dog walking, a concierge service, or a personal chef catering for a diverse array of interests and lifestyles.