When Technology Makes A Difference


A listener (we will call him Bob) to our 2GB Life and Technology radio show called in recently and asked how they could sms all their sports club members in one hit, without doing so from a single handset. 'Was there an app, or how could they do it?' was the question.


I mulled it over and decided an app solution was the wrong direction. Best to go straight to a bulk sms provider, considering there were around 150 recipients.


In the time it took me to send through my suggestion the bush fires came through and begun flattening the Blue Mountains, the area where Bob and his club members resided. I sent through my suggestion on an email on the Friday. I was apprehensive about how Bob would go setting up the service, and getting it working because bulk sms is usually designed for digital marketing, not updating your local sports club with match cancellations. But I figured he would get it sorted or come back to me for help.


On the Tuesday (this morning), Bob sent this response –


Thank you so much for your assistance, we used the mass sms service as suggested to cancel our sporting event over the weekend, and it worked like a treat. Parents were amazed they received their message , all at the same time, and we  were able to specialise the SMS message with our sporting club name on top of the TEXT message, it worked perfectly.

Thank you so much again for your help, we are so grateful for your assistance.

Its an interesting day up here in the mountains, we all hope the winds subside soon and we have no nasty surprises with the fires.


Its nice to help people, its even nicer to know that your help is doing a very small thing to make a difficult circumstance just a little bit easier.