Life and Technology – 2GB October 26th


This week on the Life and Technology Radio Show on 2GB, Charlie talked to Channa Seneviatne of Telstra’s Wireless Engineering about the Telco’s goal to reach 300Mbps download speeds. Channa Seneviatne specifically talked about the different factors that affect wireless connectivity in handsets and how higher speeds can help and benefit people.


Also on the show today was Dr Jim Kokkinakis, a specialist at UNSW in computer vision syndrome. Dr Kokkinakis featured Belkin’s Flicker-free monitors and how his research showed the effects of staring at computers and monitors for long periods of time to a person’s eyes.


He also provided some solutions for the negative effects of computer vision syndrome.


Lastly, Charlie answered some questions from the show’s listeners and Twitter followers. For those who missed the show, here’s the link to our weekly podcast.


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