Life and Technology – 2GB October 19th


Today on the Life & Technology Radio Show on 2GB Charlie talked about an exciting new app and tablet that are both pioneering in their own rights.


Our first guest is St. John’s Ambulance’s Manager for Marketing and Communications – Mark Slater. He and Charlie talked about an app which they co-develop with GoCatch and how it can change the way first responders to an emergency would react.


Also on the show today is Justin White from Toshiba to talk about the company’s latest Windows 8.1 tablet – the Encore. He specifically discussed the unique features of the Encore tablet that make it a very practical gadget for anyone who’s looking for a good balance of productivity and portability.


Charlie also answered some questions from the show’s listeners and followers on Twitter.


In case you weren’t able to hear the entire show, here's the link to our weekly podcast.