Today Show – Privacy Issues + Google Guest on 2GB

Spoke today about the government increasing worries about privacy issues and whether or not that privacy should be extended to overseas companies. For example, the information that you give Telstra when joining up – is their call centre in Mumbai or Manila, or wherever, come under the auspices of Australian law. Will be interesting to see how the government can put Australian law into effect in overseas countries.

On 2GB we spoke to Anil Sabharwal , one of Google’s product managers. We spoke to him about the issue that was occurring last week whereby people were doing a Google search, then the minute they landed on the page it would take them to an advert. Anil said that Google has had a good look through its systems, and it is not a Google problem. It sounds like there is malicious malware that has been downloaded onto the desktop. Very annoying, but not much you can do about it. He did offer a couple of hints – don’t open any attachments from dodgy emails. People do this all the time and it is not only dangerous to your computer, but some of these viruses attach themselves to contacts list and send it out to people via your email and you don’t even know it. He also suggested that you change your password regularly and also get some all in one security software. I have touted this many times over the years, and it is sound advice.