Today Show – iPod On The Way Out? Plus TV Week

Spoke to Lisa about Amazon’s new music service called Cloud, which some think might make the iPod – or any MP3 player for that matter – obsolete.

So how does it work? Well you basically upload your music via your PC to Amazon’s cloud platform instead of having it on your C-Drive. You can then play it over the internet via your PC or through a phone app on your Android mobile phone. Some people see this as an advantage, because if your PC crashes for whatever reason, the music is stored at Amazon, not your hard drive, so nothing is lost.

All music that is digital rights free at the moment will be available and they will give you about 5GB of space for free, which is quite a large amount of space.

Check out the latest issue of TV Week and you will see that we reviewed the Galaxy Tab 10.1 V, which is in direct competition with the iPad 2. It uses the android operating system, and overall is a great little product if you are after a slate computer.