3DS on the Today Show And Nexus S on TV Week

Spoke with Karl this morning about the Nintendo 3DS, which has gone on sale this morning. Already it is sold out in Japan, and from retailers I spoke to yesterday and this morning, the number of pre orders means it will be probably sold out here soon, too.

So, what’s to like. While I do not use a 3DS myself (I am more of a PS3/Xbox kinda guy), this really is one cool unit. It will set you back a pretty price ($349.95), but there is quite a bit of tech under its hood.

As the name suggests, it is a 3D console, but you do have a choice. There is a button on the unit that allows you to either play games in 2D or 3D. You can also take 3D pictures as well as watch movies in 3D. It also has these augmented reality cards. What are they? Well, basically, they look like a normal card with a picture on it. However, when you look at the card through the 3DS it comes to life with a 3D character. Very cool.

Karl did question whether you could play older games that were not 3D compatible. At a guess, the answer would be some of them. You would have to check on the Nintendo website, or your local gaming shop.

I reviewed the Nexus S in TV week, which is a new Android Smartphone from Google, but is built by Samsung on their behalf. Not a bad little unit – easy to navigate, nice screen and easy to configure and set up, too.