PVR Content Included In Ratings

Clip courtesy of the The Today Show

Caught up with Mark Burrows from Nine News about the plethora of personal video recorders (PVRs) that have come onto the market in the past 18 months-2 years.

These recorders can store a huge amount of information and television programmes – so much more than a DVD recorder or the old video recorders.

But what is interesting is that programmes recorded on these devices are now going to be counted on the ratings. In the past, only programmes that have been watched in real time have been counted towards ratings points.

One person predicted that the audience share of some of these programmes might go up by up to 10 percent. However, I do have to question the point. Ratings are taken so that advertisers can pick and chose what shows they go on. The higher the rating, the more expensive the spot. However, if you have recorded a show, doesn’t that mean you will be able to fast forward the advertisements? And will the television stations charge a rate based on real-time ratings or real-time plus recorded? I guess we’ll soon know the answer.