CES 2010 – Really Looking Forward To It

2010 is almost here and with the New Year means CES in Las Vegas on January 4. This is one of the biggest events in my calendar, and one where I get to check out all the latest technologies that will be rolled out over the next year.

What I really like about the event is that you have no idea what is going to be sprung on you. Last year a couple of interesting highlights were OLED technology for televisions and the LG watchphone, which has since made its consumer debut.

What is going to be big next year? Wireless and 3D televisions are my guess, but I also think there will be a surprise or two, once the convention doors open.

So check out my blog from the week of January 5 through to January 11 and I’ll give you updates of the latest gear coming out of the consumer electronics space. I for one am expecting big things this year and look forward to touching base with you in the New Year.