Avatar in 3D – Even Better Than The Hype

Saw Avatar in 3D on Friday night.

The movie is amazing. The story is great, and does well enough to keep your attention in and out of the amazing visuals you are exposed to the entire way through. If you are planning to see Avatar, you have to see it in 3D.

If you have seen the movie, saw it in 3D and loved it, well I have a treat for you. 2010 is the year of 3D. Home tv’s will be launching with 3D features built in. You’ll be able to watch movies in 3D, and in future tv networks will be broadcasting events in 3D.

In January this year, the NCAA and Sony carried out a pilot to broadcast the Football final (also known as the Orange Bowl) in 3D. To watch the match Sony supplied 3D camera’s at the football ground, fed the images into a their processing equipment and piped the vision into a 3D enabled cinema. The selected viewers who saw the match were interviewed as they left the cinema and their feedback was extremely positive.

So, the short message here is that 3D is coming fast. The only thing holding it back is cost, and we all know that cost is always cured with time. Next year you willl see the screens that can display 3D arriving in stores, the next thing that will need to arrive is the media that will work with the technology.