Life & Technology – 2GB 9th Sep, 2023

This week Sonos released their brand new speaker, Move 2.  We invited Nick Georgiou, Territory Manager from Sonos 

The Sonos Move 2 is an update to the 2019 Sonos Move, bringing stereo sound, up to 24-hour battery life, and continuing the water-resistant design for indoors or out. Our original review Sonos Move – big and bold BT/Wi-Fi portable speaker, said, “It is a speaker for home – one where you carry music around. And it is one for a Sonos home – there is no point buying this unless it becomes part of the Sonos ecosystem. At IP56, it is also one for the bathroom and beach”. It is more of a mobile version of the Sonos Era 100 – the versatile speaker. 

Sonos Move 2 – music on the run (first look) 
We also invited Prof Lisa M. Given, PhD, FASSA Director, Social Change Enabling Impact Platform from Research and Innovation Portfolio | RMIT University, who discussed Google turning 25 years old and their research on Google turns 25: the search engine revolutionised how we access information, but will it survive AI?  

“After launching on September 4 1998, the Google revolution was in motion. People loved the simplicity of the search box. “Google’s popularity quickly surpassed competitors such as AltaVista and Yahoo Search. With more than 85% of the market share today, it remains the most popular search engine.“With the rise in AI tools, including Google’s Bard and the recently announced Gemini (a direct competitor to ChatGPT), Google is set to revolutionise search once again. “As Google continues to roll generative AI capabilities into Search, it will become common to read a quick information summary at the top of the results page, rather than dig for information yourself. 
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