Life & Technology – 2GB 2nd Sep, 2023

3G going, going and gone soon – what you need to know 
3G, the precursor to 4G and 5G, will be shut down progressively by Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone, ending in June 2024. It won’t be an issue for most, but some will need to prepare. Most mobile phones won’t be an issue as these can operate on 4G and some 5G. Some Feature phones were 3G. At worst, it means a new phone. All phones in our guide are 4G VoLTE compatible Best Android Phones 2023 – $200 to $2000. 3G does have a far longer signal reach, and those in blackspots rely on it. Currently, the only solution is to use calling over Wi-Fi; most recent phones support that. It diverts calls in and out over the Internet. Or you may need an expensive 4G/5G Antenna system to pick up a stronger signal. 


Waterproof phones – fact or fiction (smartphone guide update) Several smartphone makers advertise waterproof phones, but what does that really mean? Well, there are quite a few loopholes in Ingress Protection IP67 and IP68 ratings (or, lately, IP69K), so let’s explain so you get a phone that meets your needs. First, an IP 67 or 68 rating does not mean it is waterproof. It means water resistant under very specific circumstances. 

What does an IP67 or IP68 mean?   
This week we talked about a tool to help reduce household energy bills. We invited Stefan Jarnason CEO and co-founder from Solar Analytics.   

The free online calculator by Solar Analytics helps people minimise the guesswork and maximise their energy savings by calculating where they could be saving money with Smart Energy like rooftop solar, batteries and heat pumps.On average Solar Maximiser users find yearly savings of $2200 for households who don’t yet have solar panels – and $850 a year for those that already have solar.  Solar Maximiser will provide a free personalised report to show you whether now is a good time to get rooftop solar, the optimal amount of solar, whether a solar battery is right for you, or if you should get an energy-efficient hot water heat pump.”
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