Life & Technology – 2GB 16th Sep, 2023

Taking Photos Of The Night Sky – Try These Tips 

-Use Expert RAW mode in the camera app
-Turn on Astrophotography mode up top
-Make sure you keep your phone stable (use a tripod if you can)
-Choose between 4, 7, or 10 minutes for exposure time depending on the light conditions
-Press the shutter and wait

Here is our Guide On VPNs –

What are they? How do you use them and when do you need to use them. All the details are on CyberShack.
Try brands like Norton and Trend Micro first, its likely you are already paying for a VPN as part of your subscription. 
You can also try Nord VPN and SurfShark VPN, both well known and supported solutions. 

Guests and Topics on the Show
This week Apple’s Wonderlust event announced the latest iPhone, the iPhone15. We invited a friend of the show, Mike Boyd to talk about the key announcements.  

iPhone 15 – Available Sep 22Pro models now feature Titanium chassis which Apple made a big sing and dance about.Much brighter screen across the range (up to 2,000 nits)Pro and Pro Max feature always on screens.Much better chips A17Action button to replace the mute button on the Pro modelsSpatial video that can be viewed on the Vision Pro (sounds desperate!)Pricing from $1499 up to an eye-watering $2,899!Apple Watch Ultra 2 – Available Sep 22I think this has been an unexpected hit for Apple and the update has been brought forwardBrighter screen, better battery, more robust.Priced from $1,399 Now, Mike might not have been too impressed with the announcements, but you will have the chance to read device reviews from Friday, once the embargo lifts for media who have been provided a pre-release event device by Apple.  You can read more about the iPhone15 range at  
motorola has also announced their latest budget phone, the g14. We invited Kurt Bonnici, Head of Motorola – Greater Asia Pacific, to discuss about this latest g phone.  The Motorola g14 2023 shares the g-series heritage for well-built, reliable, value-and-feature-packed smartphones. At $229 in Steel Grey or Pale Lilac vegan leather, it is one to consider if you are on a budget.

To bring a phone in at that price, you can’t expect the kitchen sink! But this is pretty good!

The Moto g14 is available from all good retailers, including­

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