Life & Technology – 2GB 5th Aug, 2023

TPG/iiNet/Internode/Westnet will jettison its email users

TPG/iiNet/Internode/Westnet will jettison its email users, offering them the option of a transfer to ‘The Messaging Company’ free until 15 September 2024. If you take up the option, you can keep your email address, contacts, and calendar.

We are not aware if this affects Vodafone users (checking). With little to no notice, TPG posted this link. “TPG has decided to stop providing email services. This change will help us focus on creating better experiences for our core products: internet and mobile.”

 But, as we quote, “TPG does not have information on The Messaging Company email pricing … It will be able to provide you with pricing before charges start after the first year.” 

You can read more about what we suggest you do with your TPG email service here.
Guests and Topics on the Show 

Asus has recently launched their latest 2023 laptops with the addition of OLED screen not just on the premier models but as they say it’s – OLED for everyone.  We invited Bradley Howe Head of Consumer from ASUS Australia who talked more about them in detail.  
ProArt StudioBook 

There are also talks this week about iPhone 15 and how different it will be from the rest of the previous releases.  Our Apple-expert-friend, Mike Boyd, came on the show today to talk about some early news on the iPhone15.  
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