Life & Technology – 2GB 29th Jul, 2023

Cyber Safety Awareness Month – Harvey Norman gives you a $50 voucher to stay Cyber Secure

We featured this last week and understand the links were not working so adding these again. 
The voucher can be downloaded here and expires on 17 August 2023. There is a limit of one voucher per household per transaction, and you must buy in-store.
For example (digital download and automatic renewal at the end of the subscription)
Trend Micro Device Security Pro   1-Year Subscription (1 Device) You pay $0.
Norton 360 Premium 1-Year Subscription (1 Device) You pay $0.

You can use the discount for other Trend Micro or Norton products, including more users, longer subscription terms etc.

Guests and Topics on the Show 

This week we talked about EVs for the home and the future of V2G cars. On the show was Ross De Rango Head of Energy and Infrastructure from Electric Vehicle Councilwho explained the future V2Gs.  Also, here is Nissan Australia talking about V2G with one of their cars currently selling here in Australia.

We also invited Ruth Carr Director from CSIRO Education and Outreachand discussed about STEM education and skills needed in this modern times.  
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