Life & Technology – 2GB 12th Aug, 2023

NBN Fibre To The Home Check Your Suburb
Here  It turns out my parents house is on the list of suburbs to get a fibre to the premises upgrade, if they up their speed to 100mbps (for 12 months). I ofcourse think this is an exceptional idea and have strongly suggested they upgrade when the fibre connection is ready. 
Check your suburb is on the list here – oh, and the dates when Fibre is available is subject to change!  

Big Screen TVs For The Matildas and Other Sport 
I was talking today about large TVs in the 98inch size range, and how they are now available for under $10,000. Check out these models from our sponsor Harvey Norman 

Google Gmail is a safe alternative to your broadband supplier’s email address 
Google Gmail presents the safest alternative for free email. It ticks all the boxes for online storage, email is encrypted, and it intends to remain free for the foreseeable future. Some readers have been concerned that Google Gmail is cleaning its 2 billion user houses. It will remove inactive accounts from December 2023 after giving plenty of notice/s to those users. 
Inactive accounts are those that, over the past two years, don’t Read or send an email. Use Google Drive. Watch a YouTube video.Share a photo.Download an app. Use Google Search. Use ‘Sign in with Google’ to a third-party app or service.
Its advice is that if you have multiple Gmail accounts, use them. 

Guests and Topics on the Show 

Arlo is known for their smart home security and recently has partnered with Optus. We invited Jonathan Krywicki, Senior Product Manager for Smart Spaces from Optus who talked about this partnership.  Check out more details here,  Arlo and Optus team up – security cameras added to Optus offerings 

We also invited Mitchell Whitaker Proprietor from Harvey Norman Newcastle, who shared Father’s Day deals that you can grab as early as now. 

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