Life & Technology – 2GB 4th May 2024

Screen time ‘drug addiction’ – children, teens, and everyone else at risk

Screen time can be a controversial discussion. How much is too much for kids, teens, or adults? Can too much screen time cause harm? Should children be supervised when online? 

Well, it appears that the world is yet again several steps ahead of our painfully slow federal government in trying to curb screen time addiction. Especially in K12 (Kindergarten to Grade 12), before it becomes the next humongous mental health issue affecting our very social fabric.

French President Emmanuel Macron commissioned a report, Children and Screens: In Search of Lost Time. Sorry, it is in French, but a 142-page machine-translated version is at the end of this article. It clearly states that children should be banned from owning/using a smartphone until they are 13 and banned from social media until they are 18. We have summarised the key elements here aswell.

The Commission insisted on 29 proposals taken as a whole to solve the issues confronting Gen Alpha (2010+), Gen Z (1997-2012), and Millennials (1981-1996).



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We chat to an Aussie company that’s aiming for the stars.

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Thinking of gifting earbuds? We invited  Amrit Lall, Product Manager, Consumer Audio ANZ from Harman International who shared what to look for in your next earbuds purchase. 

Amrit talked through the new JBLFit Checker that makes it easier to find the right ear buds for your personal ear canal size. 

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Last week we tried out a clingy robot – a window cleaner. We invited Glenn Yee
Managing Director from Robot My Life who discussed Hobot S6 Pro. 

The Hobot S6 Pro scrubs glass 600 times a minute with its dual reciprocating pads to dislodge dust and grime from glass. Combined with its powerful water jets, build up on your glass is eliminated with a streak free finish.

And, as we discovered on the show today, it works on SHOWER SCREENS!