Life & Technology – 2GB 27th April 2024

Can you trust Google? Yes, but it depends on your definition (Trust series)

Many readers ask if they can trust anything in a digital world. By that, we mean any person or company that interacts with us via the Internet. We are preparing a series of Trust articles, and as this is the first, we need to set a few ground rules.

Can you trust Google? Well, 80% of the world’s smart phone users and 92% of the search engine market indicate it’s a pretty safe bet. Of course, that depends on your definition of trust in a digital world.

As our first article in the Trust Series, Can you trust anything in a digital world? No! found, the first definition of trust in the digital world is that there is no trust. At least you cannot be disappointed!

So, it’s crucial to consider what you expect from Google and whether it meets those expectations.


Guests and Topics on the Show
LG has recently launched their LG 2024 TV line up. The new range is led by innovative new OLED models with brighter display technology, while the company’s QNED models have all received upgraded image processors with increased performance. 

We invited Tony Brown Head of Home Entertainment Marketing and Content Business LG Electronics who walked us through the latest models.  

You can read more about LG’s TV releases this year.   

Are you renovating soon or maybe building your homes? You might want to consider environment friendly bricks.  Team leader Associate Professor Dilan Robert from RMIT University discussed about this great innovation.  Engineers have invented energy-efficient bricks with scrap materials, including glass, that are normally destined for landfill.
RMIT University engineers collaborated with Visy – Australia’s largest recycling company – to make bricks with a minimum of 15% waste glass and 20% combusted solid waste (ash), as substitutes for clay.

Test results indicate that using these bricks in the construction of a single-storey building could reduce household energy bills by up to 5% compared to regular bricks, due to improved insulation.


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