Life & Technology – 2GB 11th May 2024

You can boost mobile phone reception at home or on the move (quick smartphone guide) You can boost mobile phone reception at home, on the move, in a boat, caravan, etc. But it is not all that cheap or easy. First, be aware that almost all 4/5G boosters, often marketed as signal enhancers, are entirely illegal in Australia. This is both a legal and safety issue. Unscrupulous online stores peddle these to desperate ‘signal-less’ people, who unknowingly put themselves at risk with potentially dangerous and ineffective equipment.They are illegal for a good reason.

All RF amplifiers need expensive certification before they join a Telco network. Otherwise, you can disrupt that network and impair its use for others, including military or aircraft bands. Australian 4 and 5G bands are often different to other countries. 

Some are not illegal, and nine times out of ten, they are made by USA Nextivity Inc. Powertec distributes these in Australia under the brand Cel-FI through approved resellers and Telcos.

 How do they work?   
Guests and Topics on the Show
Last week, motorola announced their latest Edge range. Introducing moto edge 50 Pro and edge 50 Fusion.  

Motorola is stepping into a new era of premium mobile communications with its latest offerings: the motorola edge 50 pro and motorola edge 50 fusion smartphones, alongside the introduction of the moto buds+ featuring Sound by Bose. The edge 50 pro and edge 50 fusion embody the essence of a world-class smartphone, blending style with intelligence to deliver an exceptional user experience. With an emphasis on AI-powered enhancements and elevated design, these devices redefine what consumers expect from their smartphones.  We invited Kurt Bonnici, Head of Motorola – Greater Asia Pacific to discuss these new phones.  Motorola Unveils Edge 50 Pro, Fusion and moto buds+

 This week, apple announced its’ latest iPad Pro and iPad Air.  Featuring a new thin and light design, breakthrough Ultra Retina XDR display, and outrageously fast M4 performance with powerful AI capabilities, the new iPad Pro takes a huge leap forward Mike Boyd, our in-house Apple guy, joined us and news from Apple on their latest ipads. 
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