Life & Technology – 2GB 22nd October, 2022

This week we wanted to talk about a technology that can shorten the queues at the airport and make travel a breeze for us all. We invited Dr Nyein Chan Aung Senior Design Researcher, Monash Design Health Collab from Monash University to talk about this technology. 

We had an interview with D-Link about their latest Eagle Pro AI Range. Graeme Reardon Managing Director -ANZ from D-Link Australia talked us through what the Pro AI is about and gave some tips on which setup is best to use. 

D-Link EAGLE PRO AI is a great value range of Wi-Fi 6 Mesh solutions offering from AX1500 to AX3200 speeds. It utilises AI Optimisation to prioritise your network traffic and a better experience for 4K video streaming, video conferencing and gaming for multiple users. READ MORE…..

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