Life & Technology – 2GB 15th October, 2022

We invited Brad Reed, IT / B2B Marketing Manager from LG Australia who talked us through the latest LG Gram Laptop lineup. 

LG Gram 2022 has several rarely-seen yet desirable features compared to most other laptops. The gorgeous, high-resolution screen has a taller 16:10 aspect ratio. It provides more vertical working space that makes it easier to read and use. And they are impossibly light – hence the name Gram.

The LG Gram 2022 range uses Intel Evo Core 12th generation processors (2021 models use 11th gen). They come in three sizes (14/16/17″) and either a traditional clamshell or a 360° Hinge two-in-one design. Read more..

LG Gram 2022

 We also invited Jeremy Stewart VP Global Marketing from Swann who shared with us the latest AllSecure 650. This is a security camera that runs in 2K resolution, wire free and rechargeable batteries that can last for 3 months!


Netflix $7 Ad Supported Plan Coming November 4

The guys Netflix announced on Friday a new subscription tier. This one is the cheapest option, but its supported by up to 5 minutes of advertising each hour. For me, this sounds like a great way to ruin Netflix, but for others it might be a way to get your favourite shows on Netflix for less. When it comes to streaming services I subscribe and unsubscribe based on whether my family is watching. Holidays are on? All the services are running, but during times of the year when school and work is on, and maybe the content has not been refreshed, then the streaming service is temporarily switched off.

Now you will need to decide, do you pay for the service with cash or in part with your time? Also, the $7 tier will remove some other elements. There is no option to download shows to devices for offline viewing, say good bye to watching a movie on the plane while you travel and the maximum resolution for content display is 720HD. The latter is a bigger one for me as I love watching content in 4K UHD and many of you seem to love this to. The average size of TVs selling in Australia today is 65inches and this is the type of TV that excels with higher resolution content.

Remember, Netflix will be joined with advertising supported tier plans shortly by Disney+, i am sure others will follow.

Sadly, I see advertising supported tiers coming online and ‘all cash’ tiers then growing in cost in the near future. I hope i am wrong, but ad support is the perfect way to reduce the cash outlay and keep customers connected. Time will tell.

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