Life & Technology – 2GB 29th October, 2022

Ever heard of 3D Printing? This company took it to the next level and printed a 3D house printed from recycled materials. We invited Steve Rosewell fromStudio Kite to talk us more about this project. 


Cyberattacks have been all around the news lately, Norton just recently released their report on Consumer Cyber Safety. We invited Dean Williams, Partner Specialist Systems Engineer from Norton and shared details about this report. 

Learn more in this issue of the Consumer Cyber Safety Pulse Report.

  • Spotlight #1: Weak two-factor authentication. That code on your smartphone might not keep you safe when logging into your accounts.
  • Spotlight #2: E-Commerce scams. Reports of online shopping fraud doubled since 2019, and they’re ready for a 2022 holiday boom.
  • Spotlight #3: Leaky websites. Trying to sidestep nosy search engines? Eight of 10 websites will still peddle your search info.

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