Life & Technology – 2GB 20th May, 2023

Winter is coming – time to think about portable heaters (2023 update guide)  

Winter is coming, and our guide to portable heaters may help you stay warm and save big bucks in energy costs. Of course, we are talking about portable electric heaters. In this guide, we look at three things Types of heatersBest places to use themEfficiency – power use to heat a specified area

We are not covering gas, boiler/radiator, heat pumps, air-conditioning (just a mention), underfloor, etc. These require expensive capital outlays.Why do you need a portable heater?

Most homes are poorly designed to keep heat in winter and out in summer. The ideal is an 8-10° temperature difference and to retain that cool/heat during the day/night. Compare the inside temperature to the outside. If it is less than an 8° difference, you need to act. Why? Simple things can reduce heating or cooling costs by up to 40%. The Australian Government has a great guide here, so here are a few points: Seal windows and doors to save 15-25% winter heat loss. Use some self-adhesive foam strips and door seals. It is the low-cost DIY instant fixDIY fibreglass or aluminium, roof bats, or blow-in composite insulation reduces heat loss through the roof by 25-35%.Window coverings – blinds and curtains reduce 10-20% glass heat leakage 

This week Apple announced that Tap to Pay and Emergency sos Satellite service are now coming to Australia. We invited, Mike Boyd, our in house ‘Apple expert’ from Contact Light and discussed these 2 updates.   

Apple’s groundbreaking safety service Emergency SOS via satellite is available starting today (May 14) for customers in Australia and New Zealand. Available on all iPhone 14 models, the innovative technology enables users to message with emergency services while outside of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage.  The launch of Tap to Pay on iPhone in Australia expands on Apple’s existing offering of powerful hardware, along with seamless software and services that businesses of all sizes across the country are harnessing every day to manage their operations and connect directly with customers.  
We also invited Benjamin Collard AU/NZ National Retail Account Manager from Asus Australia who shared their latest fitness tracker, VivoWatch 5 AERO.