Life & Technology – 2GB 13th May, 2023

This week we talked to Brad Marshall Child Psychologist / Founder of The Unplugged Psychologist and discussed about Living with technology (and kids who don’t want to live without it) , what tips and tricks, and tools to ensure that the family is able to connect without technology and kids are taught how to use it in a way that is proactive and not regressive. 
Earlier this week, the Federal budget for 2023 has been approved and we invited Kate Pounder CEO of Tech Council of Australia who tackled more about the budget focus allocated for Tech in the year 2023.  The Tech Council of Australia (TCA) welcomes the investments outlined in tonight’s Federal Budget that will improve the skilled migration system, support the next generation of Australia’s tech industry, and strengthen our cyber security preparedness and resilience. The Budget contains a suite of measures aimed at bolstering our cyber security, cracking down on scams and supporting improved privacy practices. 

“We back the Government’s goal to make Australia the most cyber secure nation in the world. We strongly support the investment in expanding the digital identity system across the economy, which is one of the most important actions the Government can take to protect Australians’ data.” 
“The establishment of the new Coordinator and National Office for Cyber Security is an important reform which has the potential to significantly improve the way we respond to major cyber incidents and review lessons learned.”

Activating Norton on your Mobile Device

We have received some recent emails from listeners asking about setting up internet security on their mobile devices, 

Don’t fret. Here’s a a step-by-step guide on how to do it. 

Setup Norton on Android Devices

Setup Norton on iOS .

Tap & Pay With The G-mee Connect Pro – Smart Phone $179 Today on the show we talked about Tap&Pay payments on Phones and Smart Watches, and the rapid growth they are achieving in Australia (Paywall). I talked about how parents asked us to include Tap/Pay compatibility in our G-mee Connect Phones so they could send money to their kids, and they could use this for making purchases using their phones.  The good news is our new G-mee Connect Pro lets you do this and do it simply.  Visit our website for more details about the G-mee Connect Pro Pre-Order., 

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