Life & Technology – 2GB 03rd Jun, 2023

Robots in our Homes

Throughout the late 20th century to today, robots have seen an increasing presence in our homes. From the early days of novelty home robots like Aibo to today’s advanced cleaning robots, we’ve been searching for a way to make home life easier and free up time for other activities with the use of house robots.

The most common household robots are robotic vacuum cleaners. They’re a popular option that makes it easier to keep up with cleaning and help those who can’t do the vacuuming manually for various reasons. They can often reach places that are difficult to clean with a manual vacuum, such as underneath furniture, and can do a better job of optimising the cleaning path, reducing overlap and ensuring every bit gets done equally.

There are many models to choose from, each having their own merits – but there are a few key elements to a good robot vacuum.


This week we invited Paul Colley Director from Homelife Technology and talked about some simple tech the company offers.  

Here are some of the products they offer.  
Relish Radio/Music Player – Simple Easy to use Radio & Music player.
Robin Day Clock – Talking Day Clock with large clear display with stylish design. Customisable reminders
Flipper Easy TV Remote – Making TV friendly for seniors again.
Connected Photo Frame – Send photos to your loved ones who aren’t on social media etc..  
Robots at home are now becoming more popular for easier cleaning. This week Karen Powell Regional Director of Australia and New Zealand from Ecovacs Robotics joined us on the show to share their latest Deebot N10 Plus 

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