Life & Technology – 2GB 18th March, 2023

Michael Tran, Managing Director from Oppo Australia joined us today and shared the 2023 mobile phone range from Oppo. 

Discover the tech-savvy, style statement phone that lets you see more in a snap. The larger cover screen expands your view with innovative features, whilst the foldable design reimagines photography possibilities, all in a gorgeous and flawless design that you can pop in your pocket. Meet the N2 Flip.

Also on the show was Claire Day General Manager from Emerald. 

“In a nutshell, Emerald Electricity Advisor stops bill surprises. The device easily connects to an in-home smart electricity meter and sends data directly to the user’s mobile phone, tracking and reporting on their electricity usage as it happens. Used in conjunction with our app, Emerald Electricity Advisor gives full oversight of household usage patterns, including a visual representation,” says Claire Day, General Manager of Emerald, a leading provider of smart home technologies.”

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