Life & Technology – 2GB 25th March, 2023

We invited Bradley Howe, Head of Consumer, from Asus Australia who discussed the ROG 2023 Range for all your Gaming Laptop needs.   ROG Intelligent Cooling is a complete suite of technology that works together to keep your laptop running at peak performance without sacrificing acoustics. 
Also on the show today was Dr. Theodore Hughes-Riley Associate Professor in Electronic Textiles, Advanced Textiles Research Group from  Nottingham Trent University who is involved in the project about Sock that sounds the alarm before older people fall.  Older people will be alerted to the increased risk of falls thanks to a new smart sock created by electronic textiles (e-textiles) experts at Nottingham Trent University.Researchers created a prototype over-sock which detects near-falls with more than 94 per cent accuracy which can inform carers and professionals so that action can be taken to prevent an actual fall happening.Near-falls – which include slips, trips or stumbles – are an independent predictor of substantial falls and research shows that they may help clinicians assess the fall risk in older adults.

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