Life & Technology – 2GB 11th March, 2023

In 2022, Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, including Mobile App Reputation Service, IoT Reputation Service, and Smart Home Network, protected Trend Micro customers from more than 146 billion threats. Our year-on-year data shows a 55% increase in overall blocked threats compared to 2021, there was also a substantial 242% increase in blocked malicious files. 

We invited Tim Falinski, VP, Consumer Business, AMEA from Trend Micro to discuss the result of the Annual Cybersecurity Threat Report. 

PRISM+ W280 Ultra 28” 4K monitor – great image and price (review)

New display brand PRISM+ has launched a new monitor in Australia. PRSIM+ is a Singapore brand that now has an office/warehouse in Australia. PRISM+ is out to make a big splash in the monitor world. It is a 100% online company. 

All help enquiries go via a super-efficient, automated Zendesk system. The exchange warranty is three years and fully complies with Australian Consumer Law.

27-32”, 4K, 16:9 250 nits, IPS monitors are the sweet spot for working from home or the office.

  • Even better if they can display 100% of sRGB (95% of 16.7m colours is good multi-media content).
  • 4K is excellent because you can sit closer (600mm) than 1920 x 1080p (900mm), and it won’t appear pixelated.
  • Fits two+ full-sized A4 sheets across or a giant Excel spreadsheet – great for productivity
  • Plays 16:9 movie content in full screen.
  • Height and tilt adjustable and a range of desk mounts for single, dual or tri-monitors


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