Life & Technology – 2GB 19th Aug, 2023

Securing Your Smart Home Devices: Tips to Stay Safe and Smart 

Smart living has transformed our daily routines with a multitude of connected devices throughout our homes. Embracing this convenience, we must remain vigilant about securing your smart home devices from potential risks.

Believe it or not, even something as simple as a connected light bulb could be vulnerable to hackers if not properly secured. Many of these devices come with default passwords, which can be exploited by attackers.Some might even have hidden backdoors in their firmware – allowing unauthorized access to your other devices like computers, smartphones, and more. 

Find our tips here to secure your smart home.    
Today we invited Alex Choros Managing Editor from Whistleout and discussed about fttp.  

Alex answered these questions on the show:
– What you need to do to get fttp connected in your home once you are eligible for fttp (faster plan and length of time you need the plan and can you slow down in the future)?
– What is the extra cost for a faster plan that would give you fttp vs the current fttc or fttn?
– Do you need to know have cable added to your house?
– What do you notice when you get fibre? 

Here is the write up Alex did on the NBN Fibre Upgrades for 

We also invited Dali Kaafar Executive Director Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub who talked about the Apate app. The app answers scammers and pretends to be you by giving vague and fake information. Giving scammers the “perfect victim”!!   

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