Life & Technology – 2GB: 12 April, 2014


This week on Life & Tech we chatted about some exciting recent developments in Cinema sound technology with Dolby, but is it enough to get bums back on seats? Stuart Hall from Dolby Atmos thinks it is. To watch movies enhanced with Dolby Atmos technology, visit Reading Cinemas who have the new technology installed. Remember, not all movies showing are enhanced with the Dolby Atmos experience, so ask before you buy your tickets!


We also talked to an entrepreneur who may have just come up with a solution to that perennial lost school jumper or lunch box. Tim Knowles is going told us how IDTAGIT is changing the face of the lost property room.


Finally, TCL is moving away from its reputation as a budget, low-quality TV producer. It’s now coming to the 4K party at a very reasonable price, how are they doing it? We talked to Nick Redmond from TCL


Scott (djtac) via twitter, you asked Charlie:


What happens if we are still using XP and there are programs that only work on XP, what do we do?


Scott, disconnect the program from its web connection through its settings and it should be fine. The issue is with security patches for going online. That being said, If you haven’t upgraded from XP yet it’s probably about time, it’s only been 12 years!

Tim from Balgowlah, you asked what’s the best way to keep the battery level up on your laptop when you go out on the road?


1. Dim the screen

By far the biggest power drain on most laptops is the screen. Or, to be more specific, the screen’s backlight. This is what enables you to see the colours on an LCD screen, and some laptops have power-sapping fluorescent backlights.

2. Change the power settings

By default, your laptop might be set to Windows’ ‘Balanced’ setting rather than Power Saver. In the Control Panel search for Power Options and check which Power Plan is selected. Don't forget that Windows uses different power and performance settings depending on whether it is running on mains or battery power.

3. Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

If you’re not using them, disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Both radios can use a fair amount of power, so it makes sense to turn them off when you’re on battery power. Most laptops have a switch or key combination to disable Wi-Fi, but Bluetooth can be trickier