Life & Technology – 2GB 4th of April, 2014

This week its all about smartphones, all the biggest names in the business have now released their flagship handsets for the year so we chatted to HTC, Sony and Samsung to see what makes their offering the best choice for you.  HTC, once the perennial underdog in smartphones has come out with all guns blazing in 2014, finally, it looks like the HTC One M8 is going to take it to the likes of Apple and Samsung for a dominant share in the market, so what are the key features that are going to make it competitive in the market?


TV’s with 4K? (That’s 4x the Resolution of HD), Camera’s with 4K? Phones with 4K?! Sony’s got the lot, their latest smartphone is not only capable of recording 4K movies, it’s also waterproof, dustproof and has a screen that’s better quality than most tablets. John Featherstone told us how they managed to squeeze all those features into the one handset. 


Samsung has been producing the most popular smartphone in the world for years, the S series of smartphones has been getting better with every generation, but is there any reason to upgrade to the S5. Arno Lenoir from Samsung is going chatted to us about a few of the key features. 


Listener Questions: 


Chris Asked can he still use wireless laptop to print to wifi printer without internet!

·        You can!

·        Wireless printers like Canon’s Pixma have routers built into them, so you can connect to the printer like it’s a network in itself and print from there.

·        Available from Harvey Norman


Nick Moved into the Waterside area which has fibre optic cable.  His internet now is one tenth the speed it was. Why?


Are you sure you are actually connecting to your router? Does the router have bandwidth limiting on wifi? 


If you are connected via WiFi the first step would be to connect via Ethernet to make sure there are no serious issues there. If it is a WiFi problem try the following steps. Your wifi adapter needs updated drivers, Your wifi adapter has serious firmware faults, Your WiFi antenna connector inside the laptop has come loose, and your actual antenna is not working as it should. You have some malware/virus that is trying to use the Internet, sucking bandwidth from your machine.