Life & Technology, 2GB – March 18, 2014

This week on Life and Tech we talked to innovators in two of the most exiting emerging techniology fields, UAV's (Drones) and Bitcoins. We also checked in with Trend Micro to tell us all about the Heartbleed bug. 


Bitcoin ATM's are about to be installed in a Sydney shopping centre 


The ATM will allow shoppers in Westfield Sydney to withdraw cash instantly from their Bitcoin wallets (though you'll need an existing bitcoin wallet to play); those who don't have any bitcoins to withdraw can also purchase the digital currency for cold hard cash.


The ATM is being installed by Australian Bitcoin ATMs (ABA), a self-styled "team of experienced entrepreneurs and investors" that import, distribute and operate Bitcoin ATMs in Australia.


According to the company's website, "Bitcoin ATMs remove the indimidating [sic] and difficult aspects of buying and selling bitcoins." We chattted more about these developments with Krypto Currency solutions CEO Robert Masters. 


Surf lifesavers, police, fire fighters and rescue workers across Australia and around the world could benefit from new unmanned surveillance technology developed in Brisbane, after the signing of an agreement today.

A Brisbane-based air, ground and marine robotics company will manufacture a prototype unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed by researchers at The University of Queensland.

The UAV, designed by Dr Paul Pounds from the University of Queensland could replace piloted helicopters in search and rescue or surveillance operations for a fraction of the cost, with reduced maintenance and risk to people.


Finally, the Heartbleed bug has got a lot of people worried about the security of their personal information. Tim Falinski from Trend Micro explained to us how you can better protect yourself and what sites to avoid giving your personal information to. 

We also had time to answer some of your questions. 


Elizabeth has trouble with TV reception, thinks that 4 TV’s connected to outside antennae in Revesby may be overloading the antennae.


·        Sounds like you need a signal booster or an amplifier!

·        You can pick up a Crest Signal booster from Harvey Norman for $50.

·        This has happened to a few people since switching from Analogue to digital, but the signal booster should solve your problems.



Evelyn is not sure if she’s able to upgrade to Windows 8.1, doesn’t want to learn anything new but is concerned about her XP laptop working. What should she do?


·        If you’ve had experience with Windows XP then picking up Windows 7 shouldn’t be too much trouble.

·        It will future proof your laptop at least for the next 5 years and guarantees Microsoft security features.



Marie Has XP 2003 Windows on her laptop, has 4G Wifi  but just signed up with Telstra to upgrade to ADSL2+.

She's Worried about connecting an XP laptop to the internet.

What should she do?


·        If you want to safely run XP on your laptop then your going to have to disconnect it from the internet. Otherwise you run the risk of viruses and malware.

·        If you pick up a 500gb hard drive from Harvey Norman and transfer all your data across you’ll be able to re-install it on your laptop running the much safer Windows 7


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