Life and Technology – 2GB September 21th


Today on the Life and Technology Radio show on 2GB, Charlie talked about what iOS7 means for app developers and what the new operating system will mean for the future of apps. Mike Boyd, the Managing Director of App cast discussed what all this means for you and i-device.

Specifically, he’ll be talking about how these new changes in iOS are going to affect how consumers use their smartphone and at the same time how developers are going to adjust the way they build apps in the past in order to get their work in line with the look and feel of the new OS.


Just after the segment Charlie mentioned he thought the 5s and 5c iphone both have the finger print reader. To clarify it is the iPhone5s only, not the iPhone5c.


Also on the show today is Gavin Cross, the Senior Product Manager for BlackBerry Australia and New Zealand. He will be talking about the recently announced BlackBerry phablet – the Z30. He will also be giving some about the future of the company as well as its decision to implement BBM across both iPhone and Android.


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