Life and Technology – 2GB September 14th


Today on the Life & Technology Radio Show on 2GB, Charlie will be talking again about the latest news and developments in the tech including news about Microsoft’s upcoming Surface tablet and Windows Phone 8.1’s Siri rival.


Also on the show today are two key people in the tech industry as they discussed with Charlie new products and technology that affect our daily lives. Our first guest for today is Belkin’ Phil Hodgson as he and Charlie talked about what kind of accessories will be compatible with the latest iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.

We discussed some new accessories coming for the upcoming iPhone5s and iPhone5c, we also discussed the Proximo for the iPhone, a great accessory that will help you to never lose your handset. Click Here

We also had Netgear’s CEO Patrick Lo. Patrick talked about how wireless networking has changed throughout the years and also gave us some insights about how we can get better wireless networking within the home.


Charlie also answered some questions from the show’s listeners and Twitter followers. We discussed the new Kingsoft app for using Office documents on your Android device.


In case you missed the show, here's the link to our weekly podcast.


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