Life and Technology – 2GB September 28th


This week on the Life and Technology Radio show on 2GB, Charlie talked about two interesting pieces of technology that showcases both innovation and practicality.


Our first guest is the Vice President of Optus Satellite, Paul Sheridan who will talk about the roll out of the Thuraya Sat sleeve, which turns an iPhone into a satellite phone. Paul will specifically discuss the key aspects of the sleeve’s technology and design, its practical uses and how consumers will benefit from this technology. The iPhone Thuraya sleave fits the 4 and 4s, costs $699 and calls cost around $1.50 a minute and $0.50 per sms. The sleave does not transfer data, only calls and sms.


Also on the show today is Rizki, a member of Dyson’s engineering team that worked with the Dyson Airblade Tap and the Dyson Air Multiplier bladeless fans. Rizki will talk about how engineers go about the process of industrial design and how companies and the community can benefit from abstract or creative outlets for engineers.


Charlie also answered some questions from the show’s listeners and followers on Twitter.


One caller asked about a drive to connect your ipad via wifi to a hard drive. The product is called the Kingston Digital Wi-Drive and the Western Digital Mybook Live – read the review here


Also loads of calls from people annoyed at the changes on their iphone from the update to iOS7, here is what you can do if you don't like the changes! Click Here


For those who missed the show, you can use this link to listen to our weekly podcast. For any questions, suggestions and concerns for this week’s show, you can leave them on the comment below.