Life and Technology – 2GB September 7th


Today on Life and Technology Radio Show on 2GB, we talked about online security and wireless networking as he invites key personalities from Trend Micro and Netgear for a short talk.


Our first guest is Greg Boyle from Trend Micro who will be talking about the changing face of security software and the kind of threats they protect us from. Greg specifically discussed a few things about how internet security has changed over the last few years and how Trend Micro’s products are keeping up with the changes in the industry of online security.


Greg Boyle also talked about Trend Micro’s latest product – Titanium Maximum Security and how it can help people keep their device protected from Trojans and malwares.


On the other hand, our second guest Patrick Ho, who happens to be the CEO of Netgear talks about wireless networking and how our homes are slowly becoming automated by technology. He gives an example of the current trends in the United States, which many people are calling “the Smart Home”.


We also took questions on new smart phones, tablets, home security and more.


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For those who missed the show, here's the link to the weekly podcast. Enjoy!