Games For Kids On Kerri-Anne

School holidays again, so I spoke with Kerri-Anne about some of the games that were suitable for different genders and age groups.

First up was Tony Hawk Ride, which is a skateboarding game for older kids. Had a bit of trouble syncing the game to the Wii controller, but it is a lot of fun. Kerri-Anne even had a crack at in while in high heels, although I wouldn’t recommend it to most people. It certainly looks like a lot of fun, and you can have spills without killing yourself.

Then there was Combat of Giant Mutant Insects designed for the DS. It’s a cool game for younger boys whereby they can make up their own giant insects and fight other people’s insects via their DSi consoles. Can be great fun and it isn’t too scary.

We then had a look at Pony Friends 2, which is a sequel to a similar game that came out in 2008. Aimed squarely at young girls this one allows girls to groom, ride and feed their pony, but without the real-life hassle of buying hay or paying grazing fees.

Finally, we looked at It’s My Circus, which as the name suggests is about a circus. Players can be a ringmaster, trapeze artist, tightrope walker or any one of a number of circus-themed activities.