Easter Show With Steve Liebmann


Spoke with Steve Liebmann about my trip to Los Angeles this week. Security software specialist Symantec sent me over there to check out a Global Cybercrime Symposium, which included security software specialists including the FBI. I’ll be talking to Steve over the coming weeks about some of the interesting things I learned there, including the fact that the FBI has stated that crime on the internet is now bigger than the drug trade. Hard to believe, but true. And the crims are getting smarter, too.

Phone calls included one from Chris whose 14-month old Panasonic DVD recorder is on the blink. In order to get it fixed, he was told it would cost him $400 for the part and $150 in labour. A couple of hiccups though – 1) it only cost him $600 in the first place and 2) the part isn’t available in Australia. I’ll go on record to say that Panasonic is a good brand, and I’m going to see what I can do to help Chris out. Sounds unusual to me that the product would fail after only 14 months and Panasonic would not come to the party.

Graeme was a bit despondent over Nokia’s alleged policy of only allowing customers to change handsets if they fail more than three times. Graeme bought a Nokia handset, but it lasted about an hour. The replacement set lasted about three hours, so he asked for a different model. The shop said no, it has to fail three times before that is allowed. Sounds like a strange policy, but will have to check it out for you.

Janet was looking at buying a new Samsung LED television and asked what to buy. With Samsung about to roll out its new series, plus the 3D TV, I advised her to either wait until the new sets come, or try and get a good deal on older stock that retailers will be trying to push out the door.

Bob was having problems with the software that came with his new Telstra handset. He has the Windows XP operating system on his PC and this could be the problem, with the new software from his handset not seeming to be compatible. I suggested to him, and anybody else who has a Telstra handset, to go to their local Telstra store. The staff there are pretty good at sorting problems out. I’d also suggest that he buy Windows 7 because I think in the near future, Microsoft will soon stop sending out updates for Windows XP.

Louis had an unusual problem in that his television and blu-ray set up gets interference when he uses other electrical appliances within the house including innocuous items such as a light switch being turned on and off interfering with the sound. Sounds like an internal problem with the television, so I suggest he goes to his local Samsung repairer to sort it out.

Steve asked about buying a 26-inch Panasonic television and if they are they any good. Panasonic is a good brand, and while I would probably go for a better model, a 26-inch unit should go for between $350-$450. I would pay any more than that.

Grant wanted to know if a 2D picture on a 3D television would be any good. It should be about the same. The real difference in picture will be the 3D content, or the 2D content that is rendered to 3D.